hic adsum

Yes, I’m still here. You may see me popping up on FB every once in a (long) while – simultaneously attempting to catch up on what you all are up to, and procrastinating on homework.

The non-stop intensity that is the MBA has basically taken over my life. I think that work and school combined has been about a 70-hour a week process thus far. And in the last 6 weeks, beyond SWOT analysis, public speaking, and financial ratios, I’ve learned some additional things:

1. I have an amazing support system
2. My friends in the program are a rockin’ lifeline
3. I think I was pretty much born to do this (ie, why did I wait so long?)

It amazes me how well the skills and analytical processes I’m learing map on to my already well-defined personality traits, preferences, and inherent modes of thinking. As a self-identified Roman, I am very happy to think and plan and philosophize carefully for quite a while, but eventually I need to…attack something. Or conquer someone. Or build some shit. Aqueduct, anyone?


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