Yeah, So I’m 30 Now

May 2011


And I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a super awesome year. The funny thing is that I had a really hard time turning 29. I angst-ed over the loss of my youth and anguished over whether I had wasted much of the last decade ekeing out a nomadic, penniless student existence that didn’t even culminate in a second degree! Or, even if I eschewed the higher echelons of academic impressiveness, maybe if I had originally studied something Useful like Economics or Engineering, I could at the very least drop by Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale now and walk away with 5 bags of goodies without a second thought! I imagine successful materialism is a highly soothing balm to Ph.D drop-outs (or, as I prefer to think of myself, Ph.D hold-outs, because I haven’t totally given up the idea of finishing it at some point…).

But something kind of odd happened once I actually left my 20s. I feel calm. And confident. And excited about the future. And much more comfortable with who I am and what’s important to me. Maybe it’s the fact that all my friends (except Sara and Ro) are already in their 30s and really seem to be enjoying themselves. Maybe it’s the fact that Adam finally graduated and we’re only a few short months from our everyday lives changing drastically for the better. Maybe it’s partly because my 30th birthday party was at least twice as fun as any birthday party in my 20s (we had a private chef! we killed our own lobsters! my sister flew out from DC to surprise me!), and this bodes well for the future. I don’t really care what it is, though. I’m just happy that Adam summed it up by saying, “I love that you’re 30! That’s hot.”



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