antidote to everything

I have to start this post by giving public acclaim (or, as public as a blog read by 8 people can be) to my friend Jeff, who in the time since my last post has provided me with the most effective, exhilarating, hardcore, totally kick-ass antidote to all the winter blues, lazy red-wine drinking/porn-reading/couch-laying-about tendencies, life stress, and generally bored blahs that were afflicting me. Jeff started working out with a ( muscle-bound, black belt, MMA fighter)  trainer a number of months ago and couldn’t stop talking about it all – his program, his diet, his pain – and I was entranced. He started bugging me to come with him and try it out, but I kept demurring – mostly since he wanted to go during our lunch break, and I was worried about my hair and makeup and cute outfits getting messed up.

But one of the great things about having a guy as a close friend is that they totally do not give a shit about those kind of issues, and eventually Jeff prevailed. We’ve been working out together for around three months now I think, and it’s been AWESOME. He designed a complete resistance-training program for me based on tips and suggestions from his trainer, and he walks me through it each time. One of the greatest aspects of working out with a buddy who’s much larger and stronger than I am is that he can push me way past the point I would be getting to on my own, and consequently my progress has been pretty fast. And the endorphins are intense! A great, healthy, natural high is exactly what I’ve been needing. So I’m feeling alot happier and healthier and way hotter than I have in a long time.

Also, I came across this recently:


Obvi this is the hand of Constantine. I was being such a dork that Adam almost wouldn’t take the picture, but I begged him.

And I also just found this one of me at Dana’s wedding. That was such wonderful day! So both these pics made me smile.





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