How horribly embarrassing that it was JUNE last time I posted something. Brooks warned me back when I started this thing that keeping a blog was full-time work. Well, maybe not full-time, but alot.

The last few months have been kind of a blur. Adam’s sequestered in his office pretty much full-time. It’s been getting progressively colder and darker and more rainy, which means all I want to do is curl up under my big fluffy white blanket and read novels (or watch Glee), and while it feels sort of hedonistic to do that instead of working out or reading academic monographs (like I should be), it’s not terribly interesting to write about.  A post would go something like this:

“Tonight, I drank half a bottle of red wine and stayed up too late reading yet another romance novel in which the impossibly gorgeous, yet conflicted and misunderstood medieval Highland lord/hero alternately fumes at and swoons over the aloof and also impossibly gorgeous woman he ends up somehow married to; she does the same; after multiple completely stupid misunderstandings, eventually they end up in bed and everything is resolved and they commit to making a lot of babies and growing lavender and living happily ever after.” Ok, maybe I’ve read only one of these recently, but as it was exactly like every other romance novel I’ve ever read, it felt like more. I sniggered frequently, and rolled my eyes, and thought things like, “wow, how incredibly sexist and mysogynistic these people are,” but I still read it. I’m not sure why. I could probably figure it out if I indulged in a little more self-reflection. It’s basically porn for women (you know, cuz it has a “plot” and “characters”).

I’ve also been shopping at J. Crew alot. They recently rolled out their weekend-only online site, J. Crew Factory, which looks like basically the same stuff but greatly reduced in price. Now THERE is a true hedonistic pleasure. Online shopping on reduced-priced J. Crew! I haven’t actually seen any of the items in person yet (my first order is on its way), so I can’t speak to the quality, but I’m eternally optimistic when it comes to the Crew. Everything is sparkly or ruffly and so feminine! But not like Laura Ashley (ugh). They also have free personal stylists in the stores; I connected with an awesome girl months ago and I now feel like a celebrity whenever I go in. She knows my sizes and color and style preferences and puts stuff aside for me and always remembers to give me my student discount (thanks to my still-active account), and recommends things I wouldn’t have considered alot of times. Super cool.

I’ve been drinking alot of wine (as mentioned…) and attempting to put kale into everything. Kale is a rock-star superfood, apparently. My favorite method of eating it currently is to chop a bunch up really small, saute it briefly with olive oil, garlic, and shallots, and then stir it into a big bowl of creamy mashed potatoes. With broiled salmon (basted with dijon, wasabi, and ginger), a divine dinner.

I guess that’s been about it. Food, wine, shopping, novels…not too bad. Still kind of feels like just running out the clock till law school is over. I have been reading some academic stuff on American history, which is more like eating broccoli…not at all my real historical interest, and just doing it because I have to. Still, I’m expecting to get more interested as I learn more. I like modern American much better than colonial/revolutionary/expansion/Civil war – that’s like blah, blah, blah. I’m reading an interesting book about women and families during the cold war, and how anti-communist propaganda shaped or influenced notions of the family in society. That stuff is actually really enlightening; it’s political and cultural and relevant. Also I really like Mad Men, which speaks to some of the same themes.

Anyway…I’ve got about six more months before the next big life change, and it really has been a total slog in getting here, and so often I’m tempted to get kind of blue and feel in a rut and self-medicate on red wine and mindless fiction, but in honor of the holiday we just celebrated, I’m reaffirming my commitment to being grateful for all the little luxuries that I have in my life, and I am going to start blogging about them here! If for no other reason than to prove myself how lucky I really am.


One thought on “Ummm…

  1. I totally sympathize… even though I’m not in the holding pattern that you are. I’m also totally going to steal your idea and write a “if I actually blogged it would sound like this” post. 🙂 XO.

    P.S. Kale is awesome and I expect you to make me those mashed potatoes when I visit.

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